Accidents and Chiropractors

Having been an athlete his whole life, Dr. Stultz suffered a severe back injury many years back. After receiving chiropractic care for his injuries that he chose to be a chiropractic doctor.

He specializes in treating those suffering from auto related injuries and has dealt with a number of distinct kinds of injuries and accident scenarios. Often injuries do not appear for months or literally months following the incident happened” explains Dr. Stultz.

Dr. Stultz advises that you receive a through medical investigation after an incident. This may be performed at either a hospital or an urgent care centre. It’s a vital step, he points out. “If an injury victim doesn’t need a hospital trip then medical documentation from a qualified medical care provider will suffice.” This is essential for medical expenses and fixing other hardships connected with an incident situation.

Dr. Stultz sat down with us to supply some important and practical suggestions about what to do if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation.

Doctor Stultz, what’s the first plan of action somebody should take if they’re involved in an automobile accident?

Were there several occupants in the vehicle you hit or you had been struck by? Whatever it is, you write down this stuff. It’s a really stressful situation so the more info you write down the greater the better it is going to be.

If a police officer does come to the scene a police record may be a really valuable tool. So you might wish to get that police record written. You need to report this to your insurance provider immediately. Get all of the information possible from each other party. If there’s an accident that involves you or one of those passengers, you need seek medical care immediately.

You have the right to deal with yourself as you see fit. If you wish to go to your main doctor you are able to do that. If it is a serious injury and an ambulance would like to take you, that is definitely a plus if it is needed.

I’m not an attorney, but in my opinion there are things that you would like to say and do not need to say at an incident scene. Don’t offer an opinion to the authorities and do not take responsibility.

There are obviously things you do not wish to do. You don’t need to leave the scene. Again, that is not legal advice it is my experience with handling these sort of situations.

The more you are able to write down the more you are likely to recall and understand what really happened at the moment of impact. You may then convey that to whoever will treat you and whoever will be involved in assisting you with the collision.

In your opinion, what’s the most common misconception people have about auto accidents and looking for remedy?

Dr. Stultz: In my opinion, the sort of injuries which may be sustained in a low impact collision. Lots of folks don’t realize that little, very low rate impacts can lead to a substantial number of soft tissue damage. That’s most likely the biggest misconception.

Do you find that people come to you with following effects of an automobile accident? To put it differently, do people come to you a time following the injury with latent injuries?

Then a week passes, two weeks pass, per month passes, I have seen individuals as long as three weeks following an accident and they’ve never experienced any problems and all of the sudden they begin to experience severe headaches.

Oftentimes plenty of time has passed since the incident happened and they do not contribute this to the real collision they had been involved in. It’s important to get an understanding that lots of accidents can arise weeks, months or days later. This is also a large misconception. It’s essential to get checked quite soon after an incident.

Can you diagnose these conditions until they become severe? Is this why people will need to get analyzed early?

Dr. Stultz: In lots of cases just by analyzing the patient it is possible to see that there’s a whole lot of underlying problems. When you use diagnostic tools like X-Rays a great deal of things are going to appear in the soft tissue as well as the tough tissue that will be indicative of a whiplash type injury or neck or head injury.

When I came into your office with complaints of pain associated with an automobile injury what measures do you take to diagnose and treat my injury?

Ordinarily following an incident, if there’s been a collision and there is some substantial harm to the autos involved you’d want to take X-Rays to know just what you’re dealing with. It’s a fantastic preventative diagnostic tool which can provide you with a great deal of information. We’ll complete an injury questionnaire, we’ll find a complete health history because we wish to understand the history of what is happening with the individual.

We wish to know whether they’ve had any previous injuries or illnesses which might be contributing to what they are experiencing today. We’re very through about discovering what maintenance and other diagnostic tests that might be necessary.

I have a whole lot of experience with these kinds of injuries. Being able to compose a solid legal and medical report is a really essential thing for a situation like this.

You must know what goes into these sort of accidents and the research that is out there. You have to be current on all of those things. I’ve done lots of continuing education over the years in regards to the biomechanics of an automobile accident. I believe this gives me an upper hand in knowing how these injuries can cause future problems if it is not addressed properly initially.

That having been said, we concentrate a lot on rehabilitation of the spine. We do not just have a therapist or someone in the workplace which operates on the patient. The health care provider will be treating the patient each and every visit. I believe that is one the greatest things that separates us from other offices.

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